Moral entrepreneurship — promoting ethical awareness

A demonstration to get the victims of slavery bill to be revised by the government.

In today's social and political climate, currently changing at a faster pace than ever, maintaining a perspective on what constitutes moral and ethical behaviour can be a rocky path to tread. A–Z Anomalies can offer support and guidance in navigating through this pit-fall laden environment.

From public speaking to invited audiences, to helping raise company or organisational awareness and draft guidelines, we can help to show the way forward.

We operate as a Community Interest Company (CIC), which can be considered as a hybrid between a charitable organisation and a profit-making company. Any operating surplus is reinvested in the community rather than being given to shareholders and owners. A CIC is less restricted than a charity, and can make full use of business methods to advance the public good. We are very happy to accept donations to help us further our involvement in the community.

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Windrush Outreach Surgery—CANCELLED due to the closure of the University during the Covid-19 crisis.

On 31st March 2020, A–Z Anomalies was to hold a Windrush Outreach Surgery at the Canham Turner Building, Hull University. The event was to start 5.00pm and run until 8.00pm. This event has now been cancelled until further notice.

Please accept our apologies but there was no option under the circumstances, which involved a potential danger to the health to attendees, as well as risking spreading the virus further.








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